Connect Japan Luxury Certification Process

1. Authentication verification

Our experts and professional brand authenticators do a thorough and detailed inspection of every item that we acquire before moving on through processing, each item firstly is authenticated. Minute details such as stampings, patterns, symmetry, stitching, hardware, date codes, as well as the construction, overall feel, workmanship and materials are all carefully inspected and painstakingly compared to the manufacturers established standards of quality. Our accomplished teams of authenticators are well versed and truly knowledgeable in all luxury brands that we list.

2. Cleaning and pocket inspection

After the authentication inspection process the item moves on to the cleaning and pocket inspection process. Depending on the exterior material of the item it is then gently wiped and cleaned with a soft polishing cloth if permitted. We do not attempt to remove stains, scratches or other mark that there may be. All exterior and interior pockets and compartments are also vacuumed cleaned and checked for liquid stains, pen marks or any other marks. If appropriate this information will also be disclosed in the description of the item when listed.

3. Identifiable damage

After the cleaning and pocket inspection process all items are inspected from top to bottom inside and out for noticeable and unnoticeable damage. Because most of the items that we list are pre-owned we recognize the importance of writing extremely detailed descriptions of each item as each item has its own history and story and thus different levels of damage. Our mission is to accurately and honestly relay this information to our customers in order to provide you with the best buying experience that we can.

4. Identifiable repairs and odors

Next the item will undergo another detailed inspection inside and out to determine if the item has previously been repaired. We know that most luxury brands refuse to repair an item if that item was previously repaired by anyone other than the respective brand. The item will then be checked for any odors and smells that it may have, such as cigarette, perfume, moldy or musty storage smells. If appropriate this information will also be disclosed in the description of the item when listed.

5. Photography

Now the Connect Japan Luxury photography team is ready to go to work to give you a minimum of 12-24 high definition images for your viewing pleasure. Their goal is to give you a HD visual description of the item as well as images of all the blemishes that were listed throughout the previous multiple inspections. Please note that some blemishes are very hard to capture in photos such as light fading, hairline scratches or very light discoloration due to studio lighting and shadows etc. Of course if applicable this information will also be disclosed in the written description of the item.

6. Accessories check

All items that come to Connect Japan Luxury are inspected and all accessories are listed such as lock & keys, dust bag or box. Many items do not come with these accessories, as most are pre-owned. All accessories that come with the item will be listed in the description.

7. Storage and Shipping

After the photographs are taken your item will be stored until it finds a new home and is shipped off. We understand the importance of proper storage so until it is ready to be shipped it will be in a climate controlled storage facility in our office. We also take extra care to thoroughly package your item securely when shipped around the world.


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